Monday, April 13, 2009

Uhuru Solidarity Movement Study: From the Black Panther Party to the Uhuru Movement

Tuesday, April 14th, 7pm
Humanist Hall, 390 - 27th St., Oakland
(between Broadway and Telegraph)

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement invites people interested in learning more about the historical legacy and current campaigns of the Uhuru Movement and how to join in solidarity with the struggle for African liberation and justice.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement will hold a study to provide an orientation to people interested in studying the history of the Black Power Movement in Oakland from the Black Panther Party to Uhuru.

We want to educate and understand COINTELPRO, the military disinformation and assassination campaign of the FBI and the tactics the U.S. government has used to discredit and undermine struggles of the oppressed for national liberation.

We are interested in discussion and dialogue about how to address the serious conditions that the African community in Oakland and the SF Bay area faces.

We believe that we must join in solidarity with the African led movement for liberation, sustainability and shared prosperity.

Come to the study and you will learn about the Uhuru Movement campaigns including:

** The struggle for economic development, not police containment in Oakland and around the U.S.

** The "City Hall 2" in Philadelphia, where the city attacked the African community's right to free speech in challenging Philly Mayor Nutter's war (police) budget

** The Campaign to Free Ajamu Bandele, Uhuru Movement organizer in York, PA who has been framed up for his work exposing the drug economy as part of the war on the black community

** The African Village Survival Initiative and its collective response to the global economic crisis through community gardening, solar energy, rainwater catchment, sustainability and economic developent

** The African Socialist International building in East and West Africa and North America, uniting African people into one organization

** The Uhuru Solidarity Movement first national conference on Saturday, May 2nd in Philadelphia, PA to build organization everywhere of white people and other allies taking a stand against police violence, economic attacks and injustice against African people everywhere.

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