Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Oaklands: One Solution This Thursday!

Thursday, April 30th, 7pm:
Two Oaklands: One Solution
Economic Development for the African Community and an End to the Policy of Police Containment
390 - 27th St., Oakland, CA
Donation Requested (no one turned away)

The killing of four Oakland police officers and Lovelle Mixon on March 21st has brought to the surface the economic and political crisis in our city.

40% of the Oakland general fund budget goes to police services, while only a half of one percent goes towards economic development
The Uhuru Movement invites concerned members of our community to discuss solutions for peace and justice.
We can develop Oakland into a model city for shared prosperity and true social justice!

Shanrika Turney, Local Uhuru moement organizer presenting on the current campaigns of the Uhuru Movement

Bakari Olatunji, member of the African People's Socialist Party presenting on the history of the Black Panther Party
Wendy Snyder, Uhuru Solidarity Movement presenting on the roots of the crisis in the city of Oakland.
The Uhuru Movement is building the African Village Survival Initiative, a collective response to the economic crisis to ensure the African community can meet its own needs through self-reliant programs and institutions: community gardening, solar energy, rainwater catchment, holistic health practices and economic development.
Call 510-625-1106 or email to find out more about the event and/or how to volunteer for the programs.

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