Sunday, August 3, 2008

"What about the black community, Obama?" Uhuru Movement challenges Obama on unwillingness to speak to African community interests


ST. PETERSBURG, FL — On Friday, August 1, the Barack Obama presidential campaign hit a serious bump in a St. Petersburg, Florida town hall meeting as members of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) challenged Obama on his unwillingness to speak to the interests of the African community.

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DaisyDoo said...

Is there a reason why the video cut off Obama's response. Hmmm ...... that's suspect in itself. Plus, do you really think the guy could have been elected President using the Rev. Wright line? Get a grip, let the man get in office and then you can stand watch for making sure that the Black community interests are included in his agenda (along with the interests of all of the other underprivileged communities) because he was not elected as leader of the Black community, but rather as leader of the free world. Chill out and wait to see how things roll out. As a matter of fact, spend some time getting some Black construction companies up and running to be in place for all of that infrastructure money that will be flowing in a minute; don't wait and cry that we ain't getting none because the latinos got it on lock - unlock it! That's one thing that we can do for ourselves; he putting the money out there. Be ready - develop and train, and if they try to move around you, then you protest, shut it down, etc. What are you doing about the Sean Bell's, Katrina, etc. CREATE something! DO something!