Thursday, August 21, 2008

Justice for Jody Woodfox!

I just posted a YouTube video with footage from the demonstration held a couple weeks ago to protest the killing of Jody Woodfox on July 25th by Oakland police officer Hector Jimenez. This police officer also killed Andrew Mopin, a 20 year old Native American man.

Both young men were pulled over in a traffic stop. Both men were running away from the police. In both instances, Jimenez thought the victim had a gun.

The conditions in the African and oppressed communities of Oakland are deplorable and the press and media just wants to cover the "takeover" robberies and the problem of "crime" in Oakland. Well the problem of crime is the problem of poverty!
The police run roughshod over the African and Mexican communities of East and West Oakland. Meanwhile, Rockridge, Temescal, Montclair, Grand Lake, other neighborhoods pretend that we can simply enjoy our lifestyles with the poverty that exists right night to us and we ask for more police to protect us from the crisis!

Come to a meeting on Monday to stand for economic development, not police containment of the African and Mexican communities in Oakland. We are building for two events with International Organizer, Diop Olugbala, who raised the question to Barack Obama on August 1st, "What About the Black Community?"

Our meeting on Monday, August 25th will be at 6pm at the Temescal Community Room at 5205 Telegraph Ave, Oakland.
Let's build solidarity with the African community struggle for justice!

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