Saturday, March 21, 2009

Four OPD and One Young African Down in Billion Dollar War

In urgent response to yesterday's events in Oakland, we are inviting people to come out to the Oakland Uhuru House Today:

Stop the Billion Dollar War on the African Community!
Remember Oscar Grant, Jody Woodfox, Casper Banjo, Andrew Moppin, Gary King Jr.
and all the Victims of the Oakland Police Department Policies of Police Containment

WHEN: Sunday, March 22nd, 4 to 6pm
WHERE: Uhuru House, 7911 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland

Yesterday, in what the media is calling a "routine traffic stop,” four Oakland police officers, two of whom were members of the SWAT team were shot by a young African who was later shot and killed by police in East Oakland. Following the shootings of the first two officers, hundreds of police, sheriff, highway patrol and helicopters terrorized the entire community around 74th and MacArthur. 27 year old Lovelle Mixon, the suspect described as having "an extensive criminal history" was killed at the scene.

These events are in direct response to what has been happening in the African community of Oakland. Every day, the notoriously brutal Oakland Police Department comes into the neighborhoods to attack us and we have a right to resist. Nearly half of the city's billion dollar budget goes to support a militarized policy of police containment while one in five families in Oakland communities live below the poverty line. African people are on lock down in their own communities and never see justice for the police killings of African people. Lovelle Mixon is a victim of the policy of police containment and economic embargo of our African community.

The city and the media are using these events to cover up the police violence that plagues the African community and win support for their policies.
Come out today to get organized in unity with the African working class and join the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement and unite with the following demands:
Jail the killer cops
Reparations to the families of the victims of police violence
Economic development not police containment to the African community

Stop the Billion Dollar War on the African Community!
Build a sustainable future based on justice and liberation!
Justice for Oscar Grant and all the Victims of Police Violence!
Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!


John said...

Wow, this guy was from Africa? I thought he was an American.

Jairo said...

You cannot be serious.

Wendy Lea Snyder said...

I agree with Jairo in that this doesn't seem like a serious comment. However, for the person who may be confused by the use of the term "African" it is based on the Uhuru Movement's understanding that black people everywhere are one African people dispersed by the attack on Africa by Europe. The Uhuru Movement believes that the way forward for African people everywhere is to unite their struggle to overturn a system that was built off their oppression. We in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement support this idea and believe in reparations to African people. Thanks for commenting and opening up the dialogue.

MC said...

Uhuru is full of shit. What do you think OPD is going to do when a CONVICTED FELON SHOOTS AT POLICE? I'm glad they Mixon. Too bad the 4 officers died.


Mister said...
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V.I. Lenin said...

Where do you think Lovell learned how to shoot so well? He's in the "life" and connected to at least one murder of another black man. I can't see how you can defend someone like him. Drug dealers in the hood don't give a damn who they sell to or who they have to do. It's business, just capitalism! What did the Panthers do when they were organizing in West Oakland, they drove out the pimps and drug dealers, often by force. Mao and the CCP did the same to the opium dealers and the Triads. That's why they moved to Hong Kong. The pimps and dealers do the work of the man to keep people down. Nothing progressive about them. Just a bunch of ruthless Capitalists! I can't see a "socialist" group defending someone who is in the "life" and who is responsible for terrorizing and damaging their own community.

ACC said...

You're kidding right? You believe that OPD forced the shooter into a life of crime? Or the establishment did it? We have free will and choice. You make the choice to be a bad person. The shooter made that choice. He knew right from wrong. He didn't want to go back to jail for the bad things he did. Not to mention he knew OPD was going to come after him for the rape of a child. So we're supposed to hurt for this child molester/predator? You're beliefs are twisted for your own agenda - you do NOT reflect the majority of the "black" people of Oakland and you certainly don't reflect the majority of any minority. You're wrong. The shooter was a scumbag and he deserved everything that was brought down on him.

i can smell it through the bag, baybay said...
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Troy said...
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mugsy said...

You and people like you continue to drag my town down - I'm sick of it. Your hate-filled, racist diatrabes make you and equal only to this murdering, hellish rapist. STOP YOUR HATRED!! We Oaklanders are fed up with you and your biggotted crap. This is America - we believe in and support a lawful society. If you don't like it here, pack your bags and get out of here, now, and take all the vermin you embrace with you.

Wendy Lea Snyder said...
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Anonymous said...

Wondering if you folks at Uhuru are interested in comforting the family of the African American man that Mixon murdered for $30.00. Or how about justice for the African American woman Mixon raped.

Mixon is a "hero" to you because he killed four white officers? Your immense disrespect for African American life is sickening.

i can smell it through the bag, baybay said...

You are a coward, Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Mixon's DNA matches the rape of a 12-year old girl. He is now linked to a total six of rapes.

I'm not surprised there aren't more comments here to support your lame revolution.

Uhuru House is just a front for SOME dissaffected pot smoking white people. The greater community doesn't want you, white people are embarrassed by you, and most black people think you are scum. You pluck a few black fools to hide behind and give you legitimacy.

You support pedophiles and murderers.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you have your values skewed supporting someone who murdered four honorable persons and raped a 12 year old girl.

I see your posts on craigslist from time to time seeking volunteers and looking for donations. I promise that from now on, I will flag every ad I see and encourage others to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The uhuru movement? What a joke. What kind of degenerates glorify a rapist/murderer???? Come on, who is going to take you serious?