Sunday, January 25, 2009

Internal Affairs Chief of OPD Beat Man to Death

Embrace the worldview of the African working class and revelations like these don't surprise you. This is what happens every day to African, Mexican and indigenous peoples in this country. 

In March of 2000, Jerry Amaro III was beaten so badly by then-Lieutenant Edward Poulson of the Oakland Police Department, that his five broken ribs and collapsed lung resulted in his death from pneumonia. Not only that, he spent three days at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin without any medical care whatsoever. 

Not only that, Poulson told five officers to lie about the incident and cover it up. He was "disciplined" by then-police chief Richard Word  who conducted an internal affairs and homicide investigation finding that none of the officers involved was guilty. Word suspended Poulson for two weeks.

It seems that people in Oakland who are suspected of using government sanctioned drugs are fair game to be beaten and left to die. It would seem also that cops that brutalize and murder Africans and Mexicans and then cover it up are rewarded for their "courageous" actions.  Just last year, Chief Wayne Tucker made Poulson the head of the Internal Affairs Department. And guess what? Just in case you didn't know, the Internal Affairs Department is supposed to investigate the police. 

Right now Oakland is a city with a budget crisis due to the money spent on the war on the impoverished African and Mexican communities. Amaro was killed just blocks away from the Oakland office of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, the Uhuru House. The Uhuru Movement calls on the African community and its allies to demand an end to these brutal policies committed by the occupying army of East Oakland and demand monies for the development of  economic life that will make life better for the communities of East and West Oakland.

Come out to support the Community Speak Out! Stop the Crimes against the African and other oppressed communities. Join the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!

Saturday, January 31st, 12 noon to 3pm
Community Speak Out:
 Against the City's Crimes Committed Against the African Community
Uhuru House, 7911 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland

Sunday, February 1st, 10am to noon
Uhuru Solidarity Movement Orientation
World Grounds Cafe, 3726 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
White Solidarity with the African Community's Struggle for Justice