Monday, June 2, 2008

Be a Part of the African Liberation Movement!

From the African People's Solidarity Committee School in January 

On this Thursday, June 5th at 7pm, we invite white people and all allies of the African liberation struggle to come out to the Uhuru House in Oakland to hear another  presentation by Diop Olugbala, International organizer with the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement and participate in a community forum to build organization in Oakland.

The forum is taking place at 7911 MacArthur Blvd in East Oakland. Rides can be arranged by emailing

The dynamism of Diop represents a growing trend of young African people taking on the leadership and responsibility to build organization that will solve the problems of African people. We believe that the problems that African people face will be solved through the transformation of the social system that we live in. All the problems and contradictions that we face as white people - women's oppression, gay and lesbian oppression, oppression as workers, tenants, etc. stem from a system that must be overturned at its base. That's what where the African liberation struggle comes in.

As white people who actively participate in the Uhuru Movement, we have embraced the strategy of the African People's Socialist Party as a way to be a part of transforming the current world situation. We see that the African revolution is at the cornerstone of the struggle of oppressed peoples around the world. Our role is to organize other white people to understand the deeply parasitic nature of the social system that we live in and to look at the hard truth about the complicity of white society in the genocide and enslavement of African and other oppressed peoples.

The African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) was formed and is led by the African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Movement working for the liberation of African people inside the U.S. and around the world.

Based on the strategy and campaigns of the African People’s Socialist Party, APSC organizes in the white communities. We call on white people to unite with our true human interest in recognizing that the struggle of African people for liberation and justice has a relationship to the fact that our lifestyle rests on a pedestal of African oppression. APSC organizes forums, demonstrations, studies and events to educate other white people about the true history of this country, founded on slavery and genocide, and what we can do to support the struggle of African people.

APSC is active in bringing campaigns of the Uhuru Movement into the white communities on local and national levels. Campaigns in support of African community demands for an end to police brutality and massive imprisonment, and for economic development, reparations and justice for African people everywhere, are key to APSC’s work.

APSC raises resources for the work of the African People’s Socialist Party based on the reality that the white world lives on the pedestal of African oppression.

APSC’s fundraising programs include Uhuru Foods, a food concession, staffed by volunteers, with booths at major street fairs, events and farmer’s markets in Northern California and Florida. In addition APSC coordinates an annual holiday pie campaign, tours and direct donor campaigns to raise funds for the African Liberation Movement.

APSC takes part in the African People’s Education and Defense Fund’s Uhuru Furniture stores based in Oakland, Philadelphia and St. Petersburg as institutions building an economic structure led by and for the benefit of the African working class community.

In order for white people to understand the issues and demands raised by African, Indigenous, Arab and other oppressed peoples here and around the world, we believe that it is necessary for us to see the world as they experience it.

The African People's Solidarity Committee (APSC) is an organization of white people formed by the African People's Socialist Party as part of its strategy to win the liberation and unification of Africa and all African people worldwide.

The African People's Solidarity Committee is the front of the African Liberation Movement inside white society.

APSC embraces the African People's Socialist Party theory, African Internationalism, as our own. African Internationalism goes to the root of the causes of the political crisis that the capitalist system is experiencing today.

By taking on African Internationalism as our own worldview we begin to see the world through the eyes of African and oppressed peoples, instead of through the viewpoint of white power.

Come out on Thursday!
Donate your tax stimulus check to the Uhuru House Development Fund!

Come out on June 21st and 22nd for special fundraisers at the Grand Lake Farmers Market (Saturday) and a special Temescal brunch on Sunday. More info to come. Uhuru means freedom!

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